Finally. A new way to connect with International Clients, Real Estate Agents, Brokers, and Builders

Everything You Need to Attract International Buyers.

Create a Stream of International Real Estate Contacts and Buyers

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How to Get Your Real Estate Business Global-Ready.

How to Earn International Commissions and Referrals.

How to Create Your Own Overseas Marketing Eco-System.

Learn how to Sell Property in Popular, High Demand Markets Worldwide!

Locating Inventory in International Markets

Work with a Team of Affiliate Global Partners to Earn International Commissions

How to Become the "American Contact" for International Agents and Brokers.

Identifying the right Global Real Estate Technologies.

Understanding the Politics of International Real Estate Marketing

How to get Foreign Real Estate Agents and Builders to work with You

Everything you need to know to find, attract and sell to international clients

  • Get ready to start marketing to international clients.
  • Prepare to work with International clients, agents, brokers and builders.
  • Represent foreign clients as their exclusive buyer or seller agent.
  • Make new contacts and work with clients and agents in foreign countries.
  • Attract international prospects easily and with confidence.

International Commissions is the e-book that will
help initialize a plan to build a bridge
to a true global real estate network.

Get ready to:

  • Attract new international clients
  • Work with international agents, brokers, and builders
  • Understand the international marketing mindset
  • Participate in international real estate marketing
  • Know the buyer segments in the global market
  • Focus your messages
  • Work with international buyers
  • Understand cultural differences in business
  • Overcome language barriers
  • Market your client's properties overseas
  • Form your own international team
  • Develop your overseas marketing eco-system
  • Become the "American Contact" 
  • Attract International real estate agents and brokers
  • Know U.S. Tax Implications for Foreign Clients
  • Learn about EB-5 Investor VISAs
  • Understand Asset Protection for International Clients
  • International Currency & Cash Purchases
  • Foreign Investor Checklist
  • and Much More...! 

The latest NAR "Profile of International Activity in U.S. Residential Real Estate Report", states that foreign buyers have already purchased $153 billion in residential property this year!
Ready to participate in this robust 
global real estate phenomenon? 

​“International Commissions made me more aware of some new strategies and best practices to increase my activities in the global real estate community.  International Commissions helps me understand the actions needed to attract international contacts and take advantage of greater global opportunities” ... Ronald Watson. – Jacksonville, FL

“Although I work for an international real estate firm, I was still challenged by how to bridge connections outside my local market.  International Commissions now offers me a road map to make it happen.”
Theresa Wilson – Frankfurt, Germany and Tampa, Florida

“My real estate career leveled off and I was looking for something to take it to another level.  
I was never aware of how to connect internationally until I discovered this book.  
I now have a re-energized plan to make it happen” … Brian Taylor – Oldsmar, Florida

“Coming from my career with the American Ballet Theatre into real estate was a bit frustrating, but International Commissions now gives me real hope to bridge my sphere of influence from France to Florida.” … Caroline Duprot. Paris, France & South Tampa, FL

“As a recent resident citizen of the U.S. and newly licensed real estate agent, I was desperately looking for a way to connect properties with my colleagues and their networks in South America.  International Commissions gives a potential plan to achieve that goal.” … Marielix Quinones - Caracas, Venezuela and Westchase, Florida

“I am so excited to learn some practical ways for establishing a true global connection” … Dawn Lettiere. - Tampa, FL

“With International Commissions, I now have a guide to apply some action plans for tapping into the potential of real estate markets all around the globe.” … Janina Lakaemper - Dusseldorf, Germany

“As a real estate agent working with investors all over the world it was important to find a way to keep my pipeline full for linking properties to my investors.  I expect that the strategies and resources provided in International Commissions will help my efforts considerably.” … Erik Bredemeyer, Hamburg, Germany and Odessa, Florida

Expand your circle of international relationships and grow your sphere of influence.  
Learn new insights and key information about international real estate marketing. 
Activate your international real estate sales & marketing Now.

  • Would you be ready, right now, to have international clients work with you as their trusted resource, scout and partner to find the best deals in the areas they love … in the United States, the South of France, Tuscany, Southern Germany, Paris, or even Amsterdam?  
  • International Commissions provides you with essential information about how to connect and do business with foreign clients, real estate agents/brokers, home builders, and/or residential developers. 
  • This e-book provides real estate agents, brokers and other real estate industry participants an overview of the international buyer, cultural assimilation, common sense methodologies and creative new pathways for opening constructive lines of communication to conduct effective collaborations in today’s global real estate marketplace.

    Included are important key ingredients, insights, knowledge and preparation for your international sales activities in the global real estate landscape.  

    For the first time, a consolidated source exists that ties it all together for You.

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