International Referrals

International Commissions is designed to provide you with essential information about how to connect with and do business with foreign Clients, real estate agents and brokers, home builders, residential developers.  

International Commissions provides practical methodologies and creative new pathways to opening 
international lines of communication, enhancing your ability to achieve effective and collaborative sales goals.

Membership Resource Environment for Commissions, Referral Compensation, Bonuses, and Incentives for you, as well as for your Clients.

The components of ImmoAmerica are designed to work together to enhance and expand American Real Estate marketing in Europe. These components, when working together, will enable or expand collaboration and interoperability of real estate transaction systems between Europe, China, and the U.S.   Through the International Commissions (IC) registry, Brokers, Builders, Builders and Developers, as well as professional and legal services.

International Commissions will expand collaboration and referrals in the international Real Estate marketplace.  Delivering a solution to provide the Real Estate industries in the United States and in Europe with support. is a comprehensive consumer Real Estate resource portal with collaborative marketing tools and solutions for Agents and Consumers.

Commissions, Referrals, Bonus' and Incentives through property marketing through your new colleagues in European, Caribbean, South America, African and Asian...