International Commissions

Licensed US Agents Earn Real Estate Commissions in Europe?
Yes.  As a U.S. licensed Real Estate Agent, you can earn commissions in Europe.  Any home, condominium, or land you sell in Germany, Italy, South of France, Spain, and throughout Europe, and receive a commission.  
Commissions and referrals are paid in much the same way as they are in the U.S., however each country has its own methodology and transaction process.

Make your Real Estate services readily available to International Buyers, and sell European homes to American Buyers.
International Real Estate Marketing is largely contingent on how you engage with Clients, Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Builders and Developers in other countries. Developing relationships that enable you to receive referrals, commissions, and bonuses for your referrals to these well cultivated affiliates in foreign countries.

What does it really take to get to your first Deal?

International Commissions

  • Locate U.S. Residential Inventory
  • Get Permission to Advertise
  • Offer to International Contacts
  • Make the Sale!
  • Earn the Commission.
  • Market Overseas Residential Properties
  • International Communications with Agents, Brokers, and Builders
  • Network with Your International Contacts
  • Attend European Real Estate Expos and Trade Shows

Working with International Buyers
Networking with International Agents, Brokers & Builders
​​​Create an Overseas Marketing Eco-System

Sell from new home as well as existing home inventory in Germay, South of France, Italy, and more.  


  • Represent foreign clients as their buyer's or listing agent.
  • Become the "American Contact" in your area.
  • Sell property in Europe, Australia, China, Canada, South America.
  • Earn international Commissions, Referrals, Bonus’ and Incentives.
  • Find Builder Incentives and Discounts that benefit your Clients.
  • Use your new contacts to raise your profile and personal branding.
  • Create your own international real estate eco-system.